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So you’ve decided to use WordPress to design your new website. Well that’s great! I assume you have purchased a domain name and a great hosting plan for your website as well. If not, there are plenty of good ones out there to choose from. I would personally recommend A2 Hosting. You can read my article about them here. So after you’ve secured your hosting plan this article will provide details on installing WordPress using a script or one click install. I won’t go in detail on what WordPress is because if you’re reading this you probably already know what it is. But I will give a little background info on what exactly scripts or one click install are and how they work.

An install script is a fast and easy way to install various applications on your website. You may want to add some type of functionality to your website like bookkeeping software or blogging software (WordPress). This application can be added using a script or one click install. It takes less than 5 minutes to install an application using scripts. You just provide some necessary information such as your domain name, username, password, email, and etc, click install and then you’re set. Your add-on application has been added. It’s literally that easy.

There are other ways to install WordPress as well. You can do it locally on your laptop or by ftp. But this article will focus on the script one-click installs for today. It’s the fastest and easiest way, and who doesn’t love easy installations. There are a number of scripts that will install wordpress using one-click. They will vary by hosting provider but they all work basically the same way. You may provide more information or in some cases less. Today I will discuss the one-click install script Softaculous.


First you must login to the cPanel of your hosting account. Next look for an icon that says WordPress or install Applications. Click the icon and you will directed to a screen to enter some very important information about your website. Here you enter where you want WordPress to be installed. Unless you want WordPress added in a folder of your domain enter the direct url: You must enter a user name here as well. It is best not to use admin for your user name for security purposes. (Article coming soon). Most scripts will email you a default password so be sure to enter your correct email address to receive the password. You will also have the opportunity to enter the title of your website and a tagline here as well. If you don’t enter it here, don’t worry you can change it later in the admin area of your website. So if you were to enter it here the title should be the name of your website or company. The tagline can be your site’s or company’s slogan. After entering that information go back and make sure your correct email is entered to ensure you receive the installation details. Next click install and in less than one minute you’ve just installed WordPress. You’re website will now look like the one displayed here.


By now you should have received an email with your installation details. This email will contain your username, password, and the direct url to login to the admin area of your website to update and make changes to the site. Now use the username and password from the email to make sure you can login to the admin area of your website and you’re done. It’s that easy.

This is by far the easiest and fastest method to install WordPress. Although the scripts may differ by your hosting provider, the details you enter and how you enter them remain the same. But the most important thing to remember when installing WordPress is to enter the correct email address in order to receive your website’s installation details. I hope this article has provided enough insight so you can install WordPress for you website. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact me. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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